Our Mission

We exist for your success.

As a one-of-a-kind leadership conference, the Durham Success Summit is championing fairer access and long-term empowerment for young Black men and people of color. We are on a mission to clear the road to success and make real change possible through free enterprise.

What we Do

Help Young Adults

Long-term, we believe that the Durham Summit can put professional advancement and economic opportunity more within reach for our communities by addressing the systemic and persistent inequalities that young Black men and people of color face in the job and education markets.

How We Do It

Mentorship, Support, Programs

In addition to the variety of programs that we run the day-of, there are follow-up initiatives to which we will point all of our participants. These cover meaningful topics such as employee training, social justice, rally organization, policy reform advocacy, think thank participation, scholarships, business loans, grants, health and wellness services, continued education, housing, and social enterprise. We are also providing personal development grants for the LSAT, MCAT, business school tuition, unpaid internships, and entrepreneurial concepts.

Why We Do IT

Because we believe in you and your future

The Durham Summit is a unique opportunity for us to change our communities from the inside-out, championing those who are ready and eager to succeed. We are forging bonds that will lead to fundamentally different outcomes for all our participants. This is, in a sense, the last tool that many of our participants are missing.

How you can Help

Get involved with our programs

While we have been building the Durham Summit and our other workshops and events for several years, this is the time for us to act. Now more than ever, the public is talking about issues of race inequality, the race wage gap, and criminal justice mass incarceration policies. Together, we can coordinate for a better world and start correcting our society's most persistent ills.

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of emerging adults?